Inspiration and miracles

In times that I was consumed
Whether with internal or external issues
I missed the beautiful little parts of life
I would be wearing blinders
Have tunnel vision to all but the problem at hand
What a blessing it is now to have some peace and clarity
To wake in the morning to birds and to really hear them sing
To see the sun shine on my daughters skin
Hear the wind in the trees
Feel the grass under my feet and the rain on my face
To lie quietly with the person I love most
This life can be amazing
We are constantly surrounded by inspiration and miracles.

The greeting

At first
When you touch me
When you wrap your arms around me
I hold myself tight
Trying not to feel
Because I am so scared of what will happen
Sometimes you let go fast enough
And I escape unscathed
But other times
You hold on so long
That I start to dissolve against your strength
And every part of me lines up against you naturally
Because our body’s are meant to do that
They were made to fit together
And I can hear your heartbeat
And smell your skin
And feel your breath on my neck
When we pull back
You always look me in the eyes
And my hands seem to touch your face
As if I am trying to memorize you
Then we say “hi”
And it’s over
A million feelings
Wrapped up in a simple greeting