Remember the way the pink stained my cheeks when I first looked at you
And the way my heart felt pounding under your palm
I was bursting with nerves but you knew how to quiet them
You made everything but you go away
When I left I forgot my watch
And when I returned the next day you had it lined up just so beside yours
Our watches looked perfect together
As though they should lie side by side that way every night


We walked together in a cathedral of green. The light danced through layer upon layer of maple leaves creating a mosaic of different shapes and hues above our heads. The ground was carpeted in verdant tones and from it ferns speared gracefully upward. Everything was lush and vital. Even the air felt alive. I told you how the symbiosis of moss growing on a decaying log made me feel happy. You could see why I was delighted with every tiny plant raising it’s leaves to the sun. You understood what being surrounded by green means to me because you have your own place, your own colour, that brings peace to you.