I want to tell you how brave you are
That you inspire me to be a better woman
I see your strength
And that your heart is as big as the ocean
Change can be so frightening
But you looked it unwaveringly in the eye
With your head high you kept walking
Letting the scales fall from your eyes
You move onward
A shining beacon
A beautiful miracle
My friend
You are hope

I am trying to tell you how I feel

You know that feeling
When your heart is so full of love for someone
That it has overflowed into your throat
And every time you swallow
It’s like you are swallowing pieces of love
You can taste that sweet emotion filling your mouth
You can feel it filling your belly with warmth
Your body becomes alive with sparks and snaps and glows with vibrant colours
And you would do anything to make that person laugh
Because their laugh is the most perfect sound
Their laugh makes everything better
Their laugh is like the entire Milky Way on fire with shooting stars
And just holding their hand quiets your mind and calms your heart
That simple touch brings you peace

Do you understand what I am saying
I am trying to tell you how I feel about you