The kelp

When held within the vast confines of the ocean
The kelp is free
Curving and undulating with the whims of the water
She glows a million shades of green
Her flesh is plump and silky
Her fronds float gracefully
With a slow and sensual dance
She is contained yet she is liberated
But if the ocean casts her out
She will wither and slowly die
She needs that wet caress to sustain her
My sweet
I am your kelp
And you are the currents that move me

To be your woman

I feel very small in your lap
Petite even
Fine boned and perfectly fragile
As if my body was created with a million threads of spun glass
And I am deflecting light in rainbows around the room
The proportions of our bodies offset each other exactly
Curled up on you
I can feel the presence of your potent masculinity surrounding me
Coaxing forth the very essence of what it means to be a woman
Held by you
Feeling the span of your hands cupping my curves
Smelling the saltiness of your skin
I am both delicate and powerful