Life’s tapestry

There had been so many hands in the making of it
Everyone quilting their own section
Choosing the material and the thread type
Some pieces were of course much more extravagant than others
That was in part how involved the maker was and in part personality type
I mean some people just cant help but keep adding things
Like sequins and beads and buttons
Some people just see the world that way
Elaborately put together with bisecting patterns
As each piece was finished she then attached it to the others
There were times her stitches weren’t as true
Some places where the sun shone through the holes
But when she looked behind her
The tapestry of her life was a rich quilt
Comprised completely from an explosion of shape colour and texture
And touched by everyone she’d ever loved

Searching for you

Like grass
Brown and brittle from the summer sun
Begs for water
I have begged for you
I have moaned your name
In agony
From cracked and drying lips
I have swiped my tongue across that chapped surface
Looking for another taste of you
A left over remnant

Like a blind woman
Reading Braille
I have run my hands across every inch of my flesh
Pushed my fingers into every hollow
And across each bony process
Searching for the marks you left
Hoping to stumble onto a bruise
Pressing hard
So that I can feel you again
If only for a moment


On my knees
With you towering over me
No words spoken
Just the begging of my eyes
I am not moving
Yet I am vibrating
My skin is alive with electricity
And every sweep of your gaze sends shocks through me
The walls of my abdomen quiver
Moisture gathers between my thighs
Waiting for you
Then the rise and fall of my chest picks up pace
And my breath comes in pants that I fail to control
But I don’t move
And you don’t touch me
The air between us becomes thicker
And the space that divides us drives the anticipation to a fever
Until I am burning
And just the upward turn of your lips
Becomes the single most erotic thing I have ever seen

Releasing prayers

In my mind
I am standing on the edge of a cliff
The ocean is churning in blues and frothy whites below
Shooting mist into the sky around me as it crashes headlong into the rocks
The wind is blowing hard
Curling around me
So my hair is flying around my face
And I am standing right on the edge
Throwing my prayers into that twisting wind
Watching them dancing and twirling away from me
Shining lights above the raging waters