You are not a tree

I thought you were a tree
Or maybe I just really wanted you to be one
I kept looking for all those qualities in you that make a tree a tree
And the tenacity to keep thriving
No matter what the weather
But regardless of how badly I want you to be one
Regardless of how often I look up expecting to see your branches reaching for the sun
You are not a tree
You have become root bound
You’re not growing anymore


I said to her
“Baby look up.
See how full the sky is.
I don’t think even one more single star could fit up there.
Look at how beautiful the cedars are silhouetted against all those shining lights.
Breath in baby
Isn’t the the air fresh?
Did you know it’s the trees that make it that way.
The trees clean our air and make it pure and clean.”
She responded
“Yeah yeah mum, I know”
And for a minute I was sad
But then I realized how lucky my daughter is
That she gets to live here and take all this splendour for granted



"Take me to church,
I’ll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies,
I’ll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife,
Offer me that deathless death, 
Oh Good God, let me give you my life.”

One of the most powerful and haunting songs and music videos I have ever seen, attacking Russia’s anti-gay laws. Please watch and reblog!


The kelp

When held within the vast confines of the ocean
The kelp is free
Curving and undulating with the whims of the water
She glows a million shades of green
Her flesh is plump and silky
Her fronds float gracefully
With a slow and sensual dance
She is contained yet she is liberated
But if the ocean casts her out
She will wither and slowly die
She needs that wet caress to sustain her
My sweet
I am your kelp
And you are the currents that move me