You remind me of the sweet
The gentle and the soothing
Of thumbs caressing cheek bones and bodies pressed together in sleep
You remind me of kindness
Of generosity of heart and soul
Of thoughtful acts and embraces
You remind me of closed eyes and deep breaths
Of whispers and laughs
Of sighs
Of what it feels like to be soft
You remind me of love

One track mind

I can’t write!
I mean I can’t write anything worth reading because you have flipped a switch inside me and I am now charged with a fiery electricity that is turning every pretty thing I write to smut.
I am walking around all day with dirty thoughts careening through my head and they are affecting everything I do.
My hips seem to be swaying a little more with every step and when I run my fingers through my hair I pull a little harder than I need to.
Every word that leaves my mouth seems ripe with suggestion and heavy on the innuendo.
I have become the poster girl for arousal and sex.
So thanks to you, I think it’s time I put down my pen, close my mouth and sit quietly.
I guess the only safe place for me now, is bed.